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With "Where Is The Change?"
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2 aguaan-pictures (see below) are coming along, both in a 4:3 and a 16:10 resolution - so you could use them as your personal desktop-background, if you like.

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Enjoy the good vibes!
aguaan says "hello and welcome!"
Aguaan's music is based on Hans Cousto's book "The Cosmic Octave" and played on real instruments!
This means, the basic tuning is not - as usual - A=440Hz, but 432Hz. That pitch is in harmony with the universe and reflects 'that which is'. The object of this music is to foster meditation through the insistent use of certain sounds and tempos that stimulate particular moods and release certain energies ('the music of the spheres' as its known). Despite its wilful monotony, the music is never dull or boring.
As the project is still in the state of evolution and production, you'll find not much content here yet. But you can purchase the first works already.
The first experiment was with the note "Sa", which is the fundamental tone of Indian sitar music and equivalent to a flattened C sharp at concert pitch, but one that is perfectly in tune if A=432Hz...
In terms of energy, this represents 'Om' and has a soothing effect, since it represents an 'octavisation' of the path of the Earth around the Sun over a period of one year exactly.
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